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Q. What is this website all about?
Q. Why do Astral and Bell Media want to join forces?
Q. Why are you submitting a new application to the CRTC?
Q. How is this new application different?
Q. Why are you not releasing the specific details of your proposal?
Q. Even with a new proposal, won’t a combined Astral / Bell Media still lead to less competition?
Q. Won’t a bigger Bell Media mean my cable bills will go up?
Q. Won’t the combination of Astral and Bell Media radio properties result in more homogenization and less diversity of voices?
Q. Will I be pressured to pay for Bell Media channels that I’m not interested in watching just to get access to popular programs?
Q. Will I be pressured to buy Bell Canada wireless, phone, Internet and TV services if I want access to popular channels?
Q. Won’t this deal result in the loss of a distinguished Québec company?
Q. Are you still planning to convert CKGM (TSN Radio 690) into a French-language sports radio station (RDS Radio)?
Q. How does this deal benefit Québec?
Q. Are you still proposing a Canadian-based alternative to Netflix?
Q. What are the next steps?