Cirque du Soleil and Bell Media partner in a new Québec-based content development company

As part of Bell’s commitment to invest in Québec content and culture, Bell Media and Cirque du Soleil have partnered in a new Montréal-based company that will create innovative and breathtaking media for television, film, digital, and gaming platforms for sale and licensing around the world. To be called Cirque du Soleil Media, the partnership is a great opportunity to develop and promote world-class Canadian content. Read More

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Two of Canada’s greatest media organizations are seeking approval to join together as a truly national, private, bilingual media group – all in an effort to provide MORE to Canadians:

More CHOICE for consumers
More COMPETITION, in Québec, throughout Canada, and against foreign broadcasters
More INVESTMENT in Canadian radio and television content, channels, and talent
More COMMITMENT to local radio and television news
More PRODUCTION and PROMOTION of hit Canadian content
More INNOVATION in delivering content anytime, anywhere, on any device
More FUNDING for Canadian arts and culture


Picking the best auto insurer in Belleville

Just like the food you eat, the cloths you wear and the house you live in, the car insurance you get must conform to your lifestyle. This means that the quote that a car insurance company offers to its clients is essential. Belleville auto insurance firms now have friendly quotes and this may be attributed to the fact that there are numerous insurance brokers that have come up which has increased competition forcing the companies to lower their prices. However, the price ranges still differ a lot. This is why one needs to dig deep and do a comprehensive research before settling for an insurer. There are Belleville websites dedicated to comparing services by different insurers.

As much as you make huge considerations of the prices, there are a lot of other factors that one should look in to. Customer service is also just as important. A client wouldn’t want an insurer that gets back to them a week after they make a request. Technological advancements have allowed these companies to be able to get back to one in just a few seconds. This means that companies have the ability to offer real time solutions and responses to their clients. It is for this reason that you shouldn’t forgo good customer service. Online reviews by customers will show you how well clients are satisfied with the services offered by the insurer. You should therefore take to the internet to read the reviews.

Another element that one should take in to consideration is the availability of extra customer friendly services such as bonuses and professional advisors. The competition among companies in this industry has led to the need for them to offer such services. You will therefore find different discount services offered by different companies. You should definitely opt for the one with better discount rates. It has become a popular trend for the companies to offer the bonuses and discounts to good drivers and loyal clients. Advisory services are also just as essential. It is almost impossible to find an insurance broker in Cornwall that doesn’t have an advisory representative. You may be tempted to think that the opinions of these experts maybe biased towards the company they are working for but this is in fact not the case. It is in their opinions that you will find tiny bits of information that matter when looking for an appropriate insurer. Getting a good advisor is therefore strongly recommended.